Thursday, December 8, 2011

Quarter of Nine #2

You Can Make

Quarter-Of-Nine Block Quilts

Starting With Shoo Fly Blocks

A Shoo Fly block is designed on a Nine Patch grid.

What if you make one and then cut it into quarters?

You can reassemble those quarters any way you choose to make new blocks.

I call blocks made this way Quarter-Of-Nine blocks.

Below are some quilt designs made using Shoo Fly blocks transformed into Quarter-Of-Nine blocks.

The quarters from this Shoo Fly block come in mirror-image pairs.

You need 4 quarters  the same to make a star block.

So it takes 2 Shoo Fly Blocks to make a star block and a mirror-image star block.

By making Quarter-Of-nine blocks from simple blocks like Shoo Fly you can design quilts that look more complicated than they really are.


  1. Wayne,

    More great designs ... and thank you for an idea ... I am going to use a quarter of Shoo Fly as a corner for a Nine Patch design. Wonder how many other designs I can quarter and use that way!!!

    Judy B

  2. Judy

    There are a lot of blocks designed on a Nine Patch grid. So there are a lot of blocks you can quarter.

    When you quarter a block and sew it back together you lose some width in the new seams. You'll need to allow for that if you are pairing a quartered block with an unquartered one.