Friday, December 9, 2011

Quarter of Nine #3

You Can Make

Quarter-Of-Nine Block Quilts

Starting With Spool Blocks

Spool is just one of many blocks designed on a Nine Patch grid.

What if you make one and then cut it into quarters?

You could sew the quarters back together any way that suits your fancy and make all sorts of interesting new blocks.

I call blocks made this way Quarter-Of-Nine blocks.

Below are a few quilt designs that hint at some of the many things you might want to try with Spool Quarter-Of-Nine blocks.

You might want to try making Spool blocks out of scraps that you have in your stash. Then cut them into quarters and play with them to see what you can find.


  1. The third quilt down looks like folks doing yoga!

  2. Jake

    Obviously you have a good imagination.

    I know nothing about Yoga. I'm assuming you are referring to the squareheads in the corners with their arms upraised?