Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Quarter of Nine #5

You Can Make

Quarter-Of-Nine Block Quilts

Starting With Churn Dash Blocks

The last time I looked, EQ6 listed 57 Nine Patch blocks. Churn Dash is one of them, because it was designed on a Nine Patch grid.
What if you were to make a Churn Dash block and then cut it into 4 quarters?

You would have 4 identical units that you could sew together, making entirely new blocks, all sorts of ways.

I call blocks made this way Quarter-Of-Nine blocks.

I designed a few quilts using this method to give you an idea of what is possible if you start with Churn Dash blocks.

Quarter-Of-Nine blocks are easy to make.  And the designs you can make using them are easy too; but they don't look it.


  1. I think you could publish a book on Quarter of nine quilts. :D

  2. Ann Marie

    I think so too. The question is, can I find the time?