Tuesday, November 27, 2012

To Be Continued..... Part 6

I've been showing you the individual letters from my quilt To Be Continued..... Today is the last day.

This Z is from my alphabet Deerfoot.

Deerfoot is a simple block style alphabet which makes for straightforward sewing.

For the complete Deerfoot alphabet go to
23 April 2011.

This A is from my alphabet Tuscany.
Each letter in this alphabet has decorative stitching on the right side, almost like a shadow.

For more Tuscany go to
10 May 2010.

This B is adapted from my Heritage alphabet. Rectangles were appliqued on to the B to create an outline letter.

This C is from my alphabet Research Park.

It was an experiment. Instead of cutting the corners on a 45 degree angle to indicate roundness, I placed colored squares in the corners. One letter by itself doesn't show the effectiveness of this method, but it does work when a number of letters are placed together in words.

To see more of Reasearch Park go to
7 June 2010.

This is the back of my quilt To Be Continued....

The letters are made using squares taken from the fabrics for the various letters on the front. This technique is particularly suitable for a quilt alphabet. I call this my Patchwork alphabet.

To see the entire alphabet go to
15 January 2011, 17 January 2011, 19 January 2011, and 21 January2011 .

The End

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