Friday, April 19, 2013

Four Patch Block #8


This quilt design uses a four patch block that I named after Kamloops, British Columbia.

To make the block I started by choosing 4 different units for my 4 patches, then colored them any old way.

I assembled them to make a four patch block and then recolored the block because the original colors offended my sensibilities.

When I played with the block I found this design and used it for the quilt at the beginning of this post.

I changed the colors slightly and discovered this quilt design.

I changed the colors a second time and found another quilt design.

Another color change and another quilt design.

Usually I make dramatic color changes in order to create dramatically different blocks.

This time the color changes were more subtle. The four patch block really didn't change very much from one design to the next.  But the designs changed anyway.

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