Monday, April 1, 2013

Playing with Fabric

Elegant Spirit

by Kay Koeper Sorensen



























Recently on her blog, Quilts + Color, Kay Koeper Sorensen showed some fabric she had designed, called Elegant Spirit.

I decided I wanted to play with it. I wanted to see what it would look like fussy cut and used in traditional blocks.

The following are some designs I came up with.

This one uses a 12" King's Crown block.

This one is designed using a 12" Dutchman's Puzzle block.

This time I tried a 12" Ohio Star block.

The quilt at the start of this post uses a 9" Ohio Star block. Because the pieces are smaller the background design is different.

A 12" Hidden Star block is used for this design.

I can't remember ever before having been inspired to start a quilt design by playing with a fabric. I'll have to try this again.


  1. It is truly interesting how many different looks you achieved using the same fabric and really playing with it. The first quilt to me, looks like it has some eyeballs in it! Have a super day!

  2. Jennifer

    I like not only how Kay's fabric can look different in different situations, but also how it can be used to change the shape of the blocks by giving straight lines the appearance of being curved.

  3. Thanks Wayne for showing how versatile the fabric is.
    My goal when designing the fabric was to make a fabric that worked.
    You really "worked" it.
    I'm looking forward to seeing what people do with the actual printed fabric available from Spoonflower.