Friday, June 13, 2014


Pumphouse Alphabet

Part 4

The border fabric includes all the primary colors. If you've ever mixed paints, you know that when you mix all the primary colors together you get mud. To keep the border lively I've alternated strips of the border fabric with strips of white.

The exaggerated serifs make it possible to eliminate the spacing between letters in most words without affecting the readability of the words.

However, leaving out the spacing in this manner is not possible with all words. Some words require a combination of spaces and no spaces to look right.

Because this alphabet is so exaggerated I wouldn't use it for a serious occasion like a wedding or anniversary. But it works just fine on a kid's quilt.

Sew A to A to A. Sew B to B then BB to AAA. Sew C to AAABB. Sew D to D then DD to AAABBC. SEW E to E then EE to AAABBCDD.

Sew C to AAB. Sew D to AABC. Sew F to EE. Sew EEF to AABCD. Sew J to HHI. Sew K to HHIJ. Sew HHIJK to AABCDEEF.

To be continued.......

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