Sunday, June 15, 2014


Pumphouse Alphabet

Part 5

I've been showing you my Pumphouse alphabet. The final six letters are today.

I've tried to give enough detail so that, should you be inclined, you could sew the letters. However, should you try and find you need more information, you can email me and I'll do what I can to help.

The important thing when pressing seams is to avoid creating too much bulk. where possible I press my seams open.

All the letters are 3" high, except V and W.  Their tops line up with those of the other letters and an extra 1/8" is added at the bottom.

Because the V and W are pointed at the bottom, if they were only 3" high they would appear to be floating above the letters' base line.

The diagonals of the X have an offset to avoid having a narrow stroke width. The eye compensates for the one but not the other..

This Y works with most words. However, sometimes it should be reversed to improve letter spacing. The word yoga would be such a case.

The end.


  1. Some of the letters would make interesting blocks mixed with other blocks ... and I would like to see some of the letters with the letters given a twist ... or two.

  2. Judy
    You've given me an idea.
    I thought I was through with my Pumphouse alphabet.
    But now I have to do one more post.