Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Nine Patch Place Mat

Version 1
Six 6"x 6" Nine Patch blocks make a 12"x 18" place mat.

This definitely needs some quilting to make it interesting.

Way back when I  came up with this design using semicircles.

Getting the semicircles to meet nicely at the centers of the white squares might be difficult.

If I flatten the semicircle, then I don't have to worry about the centers. And the design still works

So can I quilt this design?

Yes I can. And here's how:


  1. My local guild makes placemats for Kitchen Angels, a charity that takes meals to those that are homebound. We just finished this year's effort, but I've tucked a link to this post away for next year. I like this idea for practicing quilting design and free--motion quilting.

  2. Sophie

    I think place mats are great for practicing all kinds of skills: quilt design, piecing, quilting design, quilting, applique design, appliqueing, embroidery, embellishing.

    It doesn't cost a lot in time or materials to make a place mat. So trying new things is easy and carefree.