Saturday, June 28, 2014


Nine Patch Place Mat

Version 4
I've been playing with quilting for a place mat made from six 6"x 6" Nine Patch blocks.

As Sophie pointed out in her comment the other day, place mats are great for practicing free-motion quilting and experimenting with quilting designs.

There are two place mats on the left because I decided to play with color as well to see how that affects a quilting design.

I used two elements to make today's design.

The leaf is made by sewing corner to corner in a square; then sewing back off to one side; then sewing forward off to the other side. This leaves you in the opposite corner from where you started out.

The spiral is made by sewing straight up the center of a square; creating a spiral in a quarter of the next square and then sewing back down again. This leaves you back where you started.

I like the effect created when the second line of stitching crosses over the first.

Here's how these elements are assembled to make the design:

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