Saturday, March 7, 2015

Pieced Alphabet

Part 3

There are two tricks I use over and over to make this alphabet.The first trick is to paper piece the tricky parts.The second trick is to create diagonals using the binding strip method; that is, place two pieces together at right angles and sew them on the diagonal.

Three of today's 6 letters use both of these tricks.

Paper piece the diagonal stripes in the center
of the M.

Place the diagonal unit at right angles to the vertical unit and sew on the diagonal. Trim to get a 1/4" seam allowance. Then fold back and press.

Paper piece the diagonals and join them to the verticals using what I call the binding strip method because that's how I join binding strips.

The Q uses a variation of the binding strip method for joining a square to a rectangle.

This is often called the connector corner method or the stitch and flip method.

The R is like the B and uses the binding strip method to create the small triangles on the right hand side.

More tomorrow.........

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  1. it's fabulous, really! there are many pieced letters in the internet, but yours are something very special!