Monday, March 9, 2015

Pieced Alphabet

Part 5

Today I finish with the letters for my Shaganappi alphabet and start on numbers.

Y is another of the letters that uses paper piecing.
 As is Z.

I am also introducing another new letter that you may have thought was two letters, LY.

L and Y are often used together at the end of words.

If they are made in the usual way and joined together, even if the usual space between letters is left out there is still too much space between them and the Y looks and feels as if it's being rejected by the other letters.
The solution is to overlap the L and Y and sew them as a single unit.

The result is worth the extra trouble.

The first 4 numbers are straightforward. It easy to see how they are pieced and that they don't need to be paper pieced.

If 3 seems a little confusing you might want to check back and see how B was pieced.

 More tomorrow...


  1. Is there a link to the rest of the numbers? I would really like to make them for the back of a wedding quilt for the date. Thank you. PS - love your book!

  2. Thanks.... I just found the rest of the numbers!