Friday, March 6, 2015

Pieced Lettering

Part 2

Yesterday I showed you the first 6 letters of this alphabet. Here are the next 6.

G looks simple enough but the piecing for it doesn't. But looks can be deceiving.

I broke it down so that you  can see how it goes together.

All the pieces are simple to make. There just happens to be a lot of them.

The J, like the E and F yesterday, is one of those letters that is slightly narrower than you might anticipate.


Often people assume I paper piece my alphabets. I don't. I prefer to simply piece.

However, there are exceptions.

I do sometimes paper piece part of a letter.
The diagonals in the K are much easier to do if they are paper pieced. I prefer the freezer paper method.

The L is even narrower than the J.

How narrow to make the L is not a simple decision.

The L in the first word is the same width as the A, B,C,D etc.

The L in the second word is the same width as the E,F & J.

The last L is the narrowest.

The space between the L and A tends to break up the word. The goal is to reduce the space but not make the L look odd.

The last L is too narrow; it looks like it belongs to a different alphabet.

I decided on the third L.

You might have noticed something odd about the spacing between the letters.The F is almost touching the L and the L is almost touching the A.

Again this is to keep the word from breaking up by reducing the open area between these letters. 

If the first letter was a B instead of an F the spacing between the B and L would be the same as between the A and C.

More tomorrow.......

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