Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Do Over

Another Seebe?

Once upon a time I designed this unit and colored it two different ways.

I played with the units and came up with these blocks that I used to make my Seebe quilt.

Years later I recolored the units.

I played with them again and came up with this block.

I used the new block to design this quilt top.

Looking at it now I think this design could use an upgrade. It doesn't feel complete to me. It needs something.

I could add a border. That would be one way of completing the design. But I want to do something a little more creative than a traditional border.

What if I extend the gray verticals?

Interesting, but somehow it doesn't feel right. I don't  like all the space in the top right corner when there is so little space in the bottom left corner.

What  if I extend the grays horizontally?

I like this better. It's more balanced but still somehow incomplete.
What if I add faint faint purple horizontals?

I'm not happy with this but I'm not sure why. Maybe it's the color?
What if instead of purple the new horizontals were a slightly darker version of the background color?

I like this better. Instead of competing with the grey horizontals for attention the light brown horizontals are clearly part of the background details.

I'm still not happy. It still doesn't look finished.
What if I tie off the ends of the gray horizontals and add a narrow border that matches the binding?

This I like.

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