Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Do Over

In April of 2015 I designed this block and this quilt top.

I wonder if I can improve it by adding a new border?

Before I even start to play with the border I'll make the quilt top twice as big and alternate red violet and blue violet blocks.

What if I try a border that  matches the edge of the blocks? As if I cut the edge off the blocks all the way around, added a spacer and then add the cut off edge outside of that.

This is very weak; it doesn't feel like a border at all.
What if I make the cut off border contrast more with the quilt top by making it a neutral color? I'll try shades of grey.

This is better, stronger but not strong enough to feel like a proper border.
What if I use the original colors except that I'll make the border background a shade of grey.

This feels more like a border.
What if I try a different neutral for the border background? I'll try a light brown.

This is a stronger border and more lively than the last one.

The black diamonds are beginning to feel out of place.
What if I replace the black diamonds with the same brown as the border background?

This changes the look of the block. The focus was on the black centers of the pinwheels, now its on the arms of the pinwheels.
What if I make the diamonds an even lighter brown?

This de-emphasizes the centers even more.

I am happy with this. The border is decorative and relates to the quilt top. It adds to the quilt and finishes it without overwhelming it.

The colors are more muted than my colors normally are. I haven't decide yet if this is a plus or a minus. Maybe I'll wait another year before I decide.


  1. Very nice, Wayne. How are you doing? I've been a tad busy (earning a degree) but am back at my sewing machine!

    1. Elsie
      Linda and I have been renovating our entire house. We added an addition on the back as well. Our access to sewing machines and computers has been limited. But we'll be moving back into the real world soon.