Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Old Block Plus

Snail's Trail

I want to make new blocks. But you know me; I'm lazy. I don't want to start from scratch. So I'll start with an old block, Snail's Trail, and add a few extra pieces around the outside. I can do this a lot of different ways.

Here's what I get when I do that and then use the blocks in quilt designs:

I'm sure there's a lot more that could be done. But, like I said, I'm lazy so I'll let you do it.


  1. That second one is just screaming at me, "Pick me, pick me!" I love that and would never have thought to do it myself. Thanks! They would all make fabulous quilts.

  2. Susan
    If you were ever to make one of them, I'd be delighted to see it.You could email me a picture.

    Meanwhile, thanks for your kind words.

  3. The Tan and Gray, there's so much sparkle love this one