Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Playing with Blocks

Broken Dishes

Broken Dishes blocks are based on this outline pattern.

I am going to try designing a Broken Dishes quilt motif starting with the outline pattern.

What if I place 4 of them with their corners touching and then fill in the corner with a block that has a square in its corner?

It doesn't look like much at the moment.  I'll color it in and see what I've got.

What if I arbitrarily color some of the spaces dark olive?

This is starting to look like something.

What if I use a lighter version of the dark olive to create hourglasses in the Broken Dishes blocks?

What if I add a little light purple and create a pinwheel of sorts?

This has got interest and variety.

I'll complete the design with a tan background.

By combining a Broken Dishes block and a block with a square in the corner I have created a new block.

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