Thursday, January 28, 2010

Playing with Borders

Nine Patch (See also: 27 January 2010)

This quilt motif was designed using a Nine Patch block and another block.

Can I find a suitable border for it?
What if I start by extending the background? I can do this by adding Nine Patch blocks all around the outside.

This feels right. When I look at the original version of the motif it now looks somewhat incomplete.
What if I add a plain black border?

Hmmm? Not bad, but the black is too strong.  It draws too much attention to itself.
What if I add a narrow white border and a larger dark magenta border?

Again, this feels right.  The first attempt at a border was to confining; this one lets the image breath.


  1. Wayne,

    Oh, yes, the breathing space makes it all come to life!

    Judy B

  2. Judy

    Little things can often make a big difference. And getting them right is often the hardest part of designing.