Friday, January 29, 2010

Playing with Quilting

Nine Patch Placemat

This 12" x 18" placemat is made from 6 Nine Patch blocks.

How do I want to qult it?
What if I start with concentric circles in the center square of each block?

Not too exciting but it is a a start.

What if I echo the circles in the corners with a series of connected arcs?

This I like. What do 6 of these as a placemat look like?

This is much more interesting than plain Nine Patch blocks.  The quilting adds character to the placemat.


  1. Cool idea. My pet peeve when it comes to designs is trying to find something interesting to do in a log cabin block... can you help?

  2. Elsie

    I don't know if I can help. But I'll try. Next week sometime I'll see if I can create some interesting quilting for a log cabin block. If I do, I'll tell everybody. If I don't, well... we'll see if we can't keep it quiet.

  3. Hey Wayne do you use EQ6 to design the quilts ??

  4. Hey Betty

    I don't use EQ6. I use Paint which is a very simple drawing program. I have EQ6 and I some times use it to play with fabric combinations after I've designed a quilt. It is very good at making global color changes.

    What EQ6 won't let me do is to design in my very own peculiar way.

    I often like to start with a couple of simple elements and then combine them and recombine them in increasing levels of complexity. Think of language. You start with a handful of letters and create words. You use words to create sentences. You combine sentences to make paragraphs. Paragraphs can be used to make chapters, books, essays, articles, stories, speeches, and so on and so forth.

    EQ6 basically understands blocks and quilts. It won't let me use a quilt as if it were a block, or to use a combination of blocks as if they were a block. I wish it would because on the whole it is easy to use and has some excellent features.