Friday, January 8, 2010

Playing with Quilting

Nine Patch Placemat

This 12" x 18" placemat is made from 6 Nine Patch blocks.

How can I quilt this to make it more interesting?

What if I start with lines radiating out from the center to the mid-points of the edges of the corner squares of a Nine Patch block?

It needs more than this.
What if I then join the mid-points of the edges of the center square to the mid-point of the edges of the corner squares?

I think this has a retro feel.
When this quilt pattern is used for all 6 bocks in the placemat secondary patterns are formed.

Often quilting is an after-thought and plays a secondary role.
In this case the quilting and the piecing are equal partners in the design.


  1. Esther

    I am glad to finally make it to blogland.

    Now that I'm here, one of my goals is to develope some of the quilting design skills that I've been neglecting. I intend to do a series of placemats in which the quilting is a vital part of the design.

  2. Wayne,
    It is not often I read every post on a blog when I first find it, but I have this time, and look forward to a great addition to the daily reading list.
    I wish I had written 'About this Blog' for my blog! I enjoy every step of making a quilt, but by far the best part is designing.
    Do you use a drawing or quilting program? I use a quilt program which replaces a drawing program .... and all the game programs which I used to play with. Now my play time is designing quilts!
    Judy B

  3. Judy,

    I looked at your blog and it's going on my daily reading list too.

    It always makes me happy to hear someone say they love designing their own quilts.

    I have EQ6 and it has a lot of wonderful features. But it won't let me design the way I want to so I do most of my designing with a drawing program - Paint.