Thursday, January 14, 2010

Playing with Blocks

Broken Dishes

Broken Dishes blocks are based on this outline pattern.

What if I start with the outline pattern and see what I can come up with?

What if I place 5 Broken Dishes outline blocks with their corners touching, then fill in the spaces with half-square blocks?

What if I arbitrarily color my new large block like this?

This has possibilities, but it's not my thing.  I'm going to try something else.

What if I start over again with different colors?

What if I repeat the blocks?

I like this. It has depth. The red seems to be in front of the blue. And the blue is lying on the green background.
What if I replace the red with a different color?

I like this too.  The purple is a little quieter than the red.


  1. you have me thinking... hhmmm...
    i see ideas!

  2. Quilter In Paradise

    Thinking is always a good thing and having ideas is great too. Even better is turning those ideas into quilts and sharing them with the world.

    In other words, I'd love to see what you come up with.