Saturday, April 16, 2011

Here's An Easy Way

You Can Explore Color

When you are designing a quilt, color is very important. And color is very personal. It's worth the time it takes to find the colors that are just right for you.

I'm going to show you how I use the Invert Colors option in the Paint drawing program to help me find my colors.

Let's start with these 2 blocks which have been designed on a 3x3 grid. They are the mirror image of each other.
This shows how simple they are to piece.

A little playing with the blocks results in this 60" x 72" design.

Now let's see what happens when we play with colors.
What if part of the design is colored a blue purple?
What if the colors are inverted using the Invert Colors option in Paint?

Each color becomes its complementary color. Purple becomes green; white becomes black; and black becomes white.
What if the blue purple and a lighter version of the blue purple are re-introduced to the design?
What if the green is replaced with white?

What if the colors are inverted again?
What if the white is replaced with the blue purple?
What if the colors are inverted again?

I find this green to be a little too bright.
What if the green is toned down?

I like this, so...
Let's add a border.

The pattern is quite busy so a simple border wll do.

Using the Invert Color option, a complementary green and purple were found. Color theory tells us that complementary colors work well together. And I think they do too.
However, maybe you don't like green and purple as a combination. In that case, you tell color theory to take a hike and you try substituting a color you do like.

Using  the Invert Color option is an easy way to design with complementary colors. But in the end what really matters is what you like.

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