Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What Do You Think?

Is This A Cat Tilting Its Head?

Add eyes, whiskers, and a tongue, and this could very well be a cat cleaning itself. Caroll was playing with a block design of mine and discovered this.

A few days ago (9 April) I did a post showing these two blocks which are the reverse of each other.

They can be used to create tessellating designs such as these.

Caroll, of Attic Window Quilt Shop, started playing with these blocks and posted a blog about it. One way of putting the 2 blocks together ended up looking like a cat.

I am surprised and delighted. Surprised, because I thought I had already explored all the possiblities. Delighted, because it is delightful to see a block I designed being used by someone besides me. I am eager to see the final quilt.


  1. I initially thought a witch's hat LOL

  2. Chris

    At first that's what I thought too, or possibly the sorting hat from the Harry Potter movies. But then in the comment section of Caroll's blog, Sue suggested a cat tilting it's head. And I had to agree because not many hats have tails.

  3. You guys are so creative. I didn't even see the hat, much less the cat. I like the hat idea. Oh, so much to do and so little time.

  4. I saw the cat, and realized it was a tessellation, before I got to that part of the post. Woo Hoo for Carol!!!

  5. Anne Marie

    You done good. You're very observant. It's my block and it took me a while to recognize it, and a while longer to even realize it could be something.