Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Quarter of Nine #6

What if You Made

A Nine Patch



...Then Cut It Into


 Four Quarters?

You could make a new block by putting it back together like this...
 ... or like this...
 ...or even like this.
This last one one is quite interesting on point.
Here's another way you could put the quarters back together.
 It looks good on point too.

All of these blocks can be used to make Disappearing Nine Patch quilts (originally designed by Nancy Brenan Daniel). You've probably already seen one or two.

Is a Nine Patch block the only block you can do this with?

Of course not! Tomorrow I'll show you what happens when you cut a Shoo Fly block into quarters.


  1. Ah the disappearing 9 patch variations. That is a very popular one nowadays. I have also seen the 16 patch up, a little differently
    as well.

  2. Anne Marie

    You might want to check out double disappearing Nine Patch as well.

    You make a Nine Patch; cut it into 4 pieces. Use the pieces as the corners of a new Nine Patch. Then cut that into 4 and reassemble it in a multidude of different ways.

  3. I will have to look that one up, even if it does sound like a lot of work to sew, cut sew, cut and re sew again to get a block.

  4. I have just discovered the disappearing 9 patch and I am trying to decide what is to use from my fabric collection.