Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Quarter of Nine #7

What If You Made

A Shoo Fly Block...

...Then Cut It Into 


Four Quarters?

You could take the four squares that were in the center, move them into the corners and sew the quarters back together to make this block.
You could let the 4 quarters of the Shoo fly block chase themselves around in a circle to make this block.
You could sew the  four quarters back together so that three are facing one direction and the other one facing is facing in the opposite direction.
Let two quarters face in and two quarters face out and you get this block.
Here's another way to have three facing one direction and the fourth one facing the opposite direction.

Put four of the above block together and you get this table topper.
Yet another arrangement.
And another quilt.

You could try this arrangement of the quarters and make them using scraps from your stash.
You could then use your scrappy block to make a quilt like this one.

Like the Nine Patch block that I cut up yesterday, Shoo Fly is sewn together from nine squares. When I cut a nine square block into quarters, I call the new blocks I get Quarter of Nine blocks.

Also like Nine Patch, the side squares of Shoo Fly are plain. What would happen if they weren't?

Tomorrow I'll cut a Churn Dash block into quarters and we'll find out.


  1. Awesome! You've got my mind churning with ideas now! Such fun!

  2. Sally

    This is just the tip of the proverbial (I hope proverbial is the word I want) iceberg. I'm sure you'll be able to come up with more and better.