Sunday, October 14, 2012

Men Quilt Too!

Quilt Show #2

Usually I treat this blog as a sketchbook in which I explore quilt design ideas. I seldom use it as a showcase for my quilts.

However, that said, for the second year in a row I'm taking part in an on-line quilt show, sponsored by Pigtales and Quilts.

This is my opportunity to prove that I occasionally do some real work and sew the quilts that I design.

Quilts From Quarter of Nine Blocks

This quilt was made by cutting four Friendship Star blocks into quarters and then reassembling them.

This one was made by cutting four Ohio star blocks into quarters and reassembling them.

Eight Jacob's Ladder blocks were cut into quarters to make this quilt.

Quilts From Wonky Blocks

This quilt is the result of changing the grid on a Jacob's Ladder block and then changing the way it is colored.

Each butterfly is made from 2 wonky Jacob's Ladder blocks.

I changed the grid on a Shoo Fly block to create a wonky block.

24 wonky Shoo Fly blocks were used to make this quilt.

Quilts From Ninepatch Pinwheel Blocks

To make this quilt, I first designed a block on a ninepatch grid. Then I used four of those blocks to make a pinwheel.

6 brown and 6 green Ninepatch Pinwheel blocks were used in this quilt

The Ninepatch Pinwheel block used as a border in this quilt is the same block used in the previous quilt.

It has, however, been colored differently.

Way back in April, I was the featured quilter at the Crocus Quilters' Quilt Show in Weyburn Saskatchewan.

Brenda King sent me this Smilebox afterwards. I thought you might like to see it.

To see my quilts from last year go to Friday 30 September 2011.

To see the other blogs in this years on-line quilt show go to Pigtales and Quilts.


  1. Wayne!! WOW!! I think my eyes kept getting wider as I kept reading and scrolling through your post! I have always wondered about doing this and now I know! These are fantastic!

    I am unsure of where you are from at this given moment but I would love for you to come mesmerize the ladies at my guild!

  2. I love your quilt designs - my favourite is Airdrie. I lived in southern Alberta until I was 16, then spent many years in Nanaimo, then Greenwood, BC, and now back in Alberta in Wildwood. I will be ordering your book.

  3. Thearica

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to show off my quilts.

    I am in Calgary Alberta. And I have no objections to travelling.

  4. Marilyn

    It's nice to hear from a fellow Albertan.

    Where is Wildwood? I tried googling it and ended up in Calgary.