Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ninepatch Pinwheel Quilt #2


I began designing Campsie by asking:

What if I add some half-square triangles to a ninepatch grid?
What if I make 2 versions of my new ninepatch block using different colors?

What if I use 2 of each version to make a pinwheel block?

Because it's a pinwheel made using ninepatch blocks, I call this a ninepatch pinwheel block.

It turns out that my ninepatch pinwheel block, which I decided to name Campsie, is a tessellation. The blues form a shape that is identical to the shape formed by the yellows. When a single shape combines to fill a space the result is a tessellation.

When the Campsie block is repeated, the yellow shapes combine to form tessellating yellow strings and the blue shapes combine to form tessellating blue strings.

When the Campsie block is rotated, the result is tessellating shapes once again.

A quilt made from the rotated blocks makes me think of Sunbursts.

Tomorrow I'll show you another ninepatch pinwheel block.

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  1. Nice, Wayne. I hear you are returning to our town to speak at our Guild. That is exciting! Looking forward to your presentation.