Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ninepatch Pinwheel Quilt #6

North Cooking Lake

A ninepatch pinwheel block starts with a design on a ninepatch grid.

This is the design for North Cooking Lake.
What if I use these colors to create 4 ninepatch blocks?
When I assemble the blocks I get this ninepatch pinwheel block.

The quilt above was made using this block 6 times.

What if I replace the greens with light browns?

I get this color version of the ninepatch pinwheel.

What if I use 4 of the new ninepatch pinwheel block to make a larger pinwheel block with the reds at the center?

Two of this larger block make this quilt design.

What if I try yet another color version of the ninepatch pinwheel block?

If I simply repeat this version of the block I get this quilt design.

What if I change the colors one more time?

What if I put a different corner of the ninepatch blocks in the center of the ninepatch  pinwheel block?

This time the quilt design looks very different.


  1. Wayne, I just discovered you, but by golly, I like the way you think!

  2. Millie

    I'm glad you found me.

    I hope you find inspiration in my various posts.

  3. Hi Wayne. I'm Lynne, Millie is the cat. I make art quilts, all free pieced. I don't work with traditional patterns, but you provide a great way for quilters to make original quilts. You can find my blog at

  4. Millie

    I visited your site and was delighted to see you doing lettering on a quilt.

    Designing pieced lettering is were my quilting career started. You might want to check out Letters in the column on the right.

    I like the sentiment you expressed in your quilt, "Before you can think out of the box you have to start with a box."

  5. Hi! I'm browsing the Men Quilt Too entries, and all your variations of 9-patch pinwheel quilts are really fascinating. :)