Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ninepatch Pinwheel Quilt #5


When I design a ninepatch pinwheel quilt I start with a ninepatch grid, then I ask what if and make changes to it to get a new ninepatch block in outline.

In this case I added some half-square triangles.
Then I ask what if and color in my new ninepatch block.

In this case I created two versions of the block.

Then I combine 4 ninepatch blocks rotated to make a ninepatch pinwheel block.

This block was repeated 6 times to make the quilt that starts this post.

I never stop after my first design; I keep asking what if to see what else I can find.

What if I make a reflected version of the ninepatch pinwheel block?

In this case I've also changed the background color to grey.

When I combine 6 of the ninepatch pinwheel block with 6 of the reflected version, I get this quilt.

I think this quilt has more variety but less movement than the first one.
What if I take advantage of a seam line to add a second background color to the ninepatch block?

What if I create 2 new color versions of the block?
What if I use a different corner of the ninepatch block in the center of my ninepatch pinwheel block?

By repeating 6 of the new ninepatch pnwheel block I get this quilt design.

Tomorrow is the last day of the month. I might as well finish off the month with one more ninepatch pinwheel quilt.


  1. Love that first one! And the last one!

  2. I love this! I really like how you take a block and play with all the possibilities.