Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Simple Block #7 Version 2

This quilt top was designed .....

...using this simple block from yesterday's post.

The first step was to put 4 of them together to form a larger block.

The second step was to pick colors for the new block. I chose red and brown because I like red and brown. And because it really doesn't matter what colors I pick to start with. As I design the colors will probably change.

What if I take 4 of the larger block and join them together rotated to form an even larger block?

Wow, I like this already. I think This would make a nice table topper for a square table.

What if I combine 9 of this even larger block to make a quilt top?

This is pleasant enough but the even larger block has disappeared. This looks like it was designed using 2 different blocks.

What if I add sashing between the even larger blocks?

I've got my block back. I like the circles. Maybe I should call this design Wheels. But I'm not sure I'm happy with all that red.

What if I add a second color? How about yellow?

What if I add even more color?

I like this. When I add a border and binding I get the quilt that started this post.

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