Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Simple Block #7 Version 3

This quilt top was designed.....

...using this simple block.

It's not much to look at all by itself. What if I put 4 of them together to make a larger block?

What if I color this larger block green and orange. I'm not particularly fond of green and orange but it is somewhere to start.

What if I combine 4 of this larger block to make an even larger block?. I tried this trick yesterday and it worked. Maybe it will work again today.

I get a design I can work with. It looks like a flower surrounded by clothes pins.

What if I combine six of these to make a quilt top?

I get secondary patterns - more flowers and green squares with colorless diamonds at their centers.

What if I color the new flowers light brown?

There's not really that much of a difference. The browns don't provide much of a contrast to the oranges.

What if I make the browns darker?

The orange flowers still don't pop out. It feels way to busy.

What if I make the clothes pins a lighter green?

This is better. But the brown flowers still want way to much attention. They overpower the orange flowers. I want it to be the other way around.

What if I make the brown flowers orange again and make the clothes pins even lighter?

I'm okay with this. The orange flowers get their day in the sun. And the overall effect is much calmer than in previous versions.

Add a border and binding and I get the quit top at the beginning of this blog post.

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