Monday, December 19, 2016

Simple Block #7

This quilt top was designed using....

...this simple block

The block came about because I asked what if I combine a half square triangle, two half rectangle triangles and small square? No real thinking went into this at all. I had no plan. I just wanted to see what would happen.

The next thing I did was to add some color.

Again, no thinking went into this. I picked colors at random.

What if I combined 4 of the block to make a larger block?

I didn't want a symmetrical block. I decided to have three of the small blocks facing away from the other one. I liked the diagonal this created.

What if I joined two of this larger blocks so that their diagonals joined?

I couldn't get the diagonals to match but I did manage to create a zigzag.

This double block doesn't really look like much of anything yet. What if I add some symmetry? I can reflect the double block by adding its mirror image to its right. Then I can reflect all of that down.

I am beginning to see something but it lacks definition. What if I try playing with the colors?

What if I replace the blue with a medium brown and the light purple with a light brown?

This adds some depth - the purple triangles stand out. But it still lack definition.

What if I make the  block that faces away from the others different by adding black to the other blocks?

I am starting to see some definition and I'm starting to get tired of purple.

What if I trade the purple in for a green? What if I use a light green for the one block that faces away?

I like this. The diamond in the center is well defined. And I like how it is framed. If I add a border and binding, I get the design I started this blog with.

Or I could double it and then add a border and binding.