Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Simple Block #8

This quilt top was designed.....

....using this simple block.

I came up with this block way back in January of 2014. I used it to design place mats.

One of those designs used six of the block arranged like this.

I thought I'd try using this place mat as a block and see what sort of designs it leads to.

What if I stack the block?

What if I stack the block but make every second block the mirror image of the one above? In other words each block would be the reflection of the block above it.

What if I take this second stacking and repeat it side by side with itself but mirror image every second stack?

What if I stack the block on a slant?

What if I reflect the stack horizontally and vertically?

What if I use a stack of two blocks and rotate it around a center square?

What if I use a single block and rotate it about a center square to make a new larger block, then reflect that larger block vertically and horizontally?

What if I start with a stack of two again, but this time I use the stack to make a pinwheel?

What if I make a cross from four of the pinwheels?

What if I make a stack that slants backwards?

What if I use the above stack and reflect it horizontally and vertically?

I like this block. It's fun to play with.

I think the designs I've come up with could be used in a quilt - as the quilt top, or as an element in the quilt top or as a border.

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  1. I love what you did with this simple block! So many possibilities as far as placement, and so many more when you start playing with colour values. Great work!