Thursday, December 22, 2016

Simple Block #7 Version 4

This quilt top was designed using this simple block.

If you haven't seen this block before, it's because you didn't read my last three posts.

What if I combine 4 blocks to make a corner?

What if I combine 2 corners to make a square?

When I add a square to the center of my square I've got a new and larger block.

When I combine 6 of this larger block and color it pink I get this quilt top.

I'm thinking that light pink was probably not a good color to use for this.

What if I try a darker pink?

This feels chaotic to me.

What if instead of repeating the 6 blocks, I replace every second block with its mirror image. And for good measure I'll change the block to purple.

This has more structure. It also has some movement and some depth.

Double it up, add binding and I've got me a new quilt design.

I wonder if I shouldn't add some variety to the purples. It would give the design more variety and more life.

What if I  Start with a dark purple on the left and fade to a light purple on the right?

I'm not really keen on this.I probably should have scattered a variety of different purples around. But I'm tired of purple so I'm not even going to try it, although I should.

Instead I'll go back to my chaotic version and add some different colors.

I need to mix these colors up. And the red needs to be brighter.When I do that I get the design that began this blog post.

I wasn't going to but my guilty conscience won't let me walk away without try the different colors of purple idea. So here it is.

Something is still not right.

What if I Change the black to a light grey?

Okay, this works. I can walk away now. However, I expect that if I come back in a month or so I'll think of other things to try.

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  1. I like the purple with grey - modern looking but l like the movement I see in the coloured one