Sunday, January 9, 2011

3 Top Reasons

For Designing Quilts

Why do some quilters design their own quilts? I asked a few and got a variety of answers; but there were 3 answers that stood out.

1) To Make Something Unique

Every quilter wants her quilts to be special, to be different. Quilt designers feel this need a little more than most quilters. "I can't stand the idea of copying a quilt from a book or magazine that untold others are also copying." "I don't want to make what somebody else has already made."

Every quilter wants her quilts to be special but it is those who are willing to do the little extra work it takes to make original quilts that become quilt designers..

2) It's My Nature To Be Creative

Quilt designers will tell you there is something inside them that makes them design. "In the same way as I eat, sleep, exercise, etc. each day, I need to draw and sew." "Design is the one thing for which I feel I have a talent." "I can't help myself."

Actually it's in everyone's nature to be creative. Young children are all highly creative until we box them up in schools where they quickly learn not to be. We all have the ability to create; but most of us need to re-learn how to use that ability.

3) It's Fun

I think the biggest reason people designs quilts is because they enjoy it. "I design quilts because it fills my heart with joy, excitement, and contentment." "For me the fun begins when I have no pattern to follow and have no idea what comes next." "I design quilts because it is fun. It gives me a big kick. It makes me smile."

The reason there are quilters is because quilting is fun. The reason there are quilt designers is because designing quilts is even more fun.

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If you have any comments on all of this, or if you would like to add a few reasons of your own, I would be pleased to hear from you.


  1. I design my own quilts most of the time. I love the colours and the geometry of quilts and I just can't help it or my head would explode with inspiration. I kind of wish I could earn a loving from it but at the moment it is just a hobby. Some stuff (mostly blocks and sketches) get published on my blog and my friends try them some times.
    Anyway, thanks for the links and for keeping this interesting blog!

  2. Anna

    Thanks for your comments.

    It's amazing the number of designers who say they can't help it and can't stop.