Thursday, January 13, 2011


A Valentine

There's only a month to go before Valentine's Day. So now is the time for you to design something special for the holiday.

You may have noticed I've been playing with Nine Patch blocks a lot lately. I've been trying to convince you that playing with something as simple as a Nine Patch block is a good way to start a design. So it shouldn't surprise you that I'm going to try to design a Valentine's heart using Nine Patch blocks.

I was playing with Linda's double swirl made from Nine Patch blocks(see Saturday 8 January 2011); I combined it with its mirror-image and found this.

The top looks like a heart.

What if I use only part of the double swirl?

The bottom is blunt instead of pointed. The swirls inside the heart aren't needed.

What if I remove more of the  double swirl and then overlap it when I combine it with its mirror-image?

I've got a heart.

What if I use 4 of the heart pattern to make a 36" x 36" table topper?

What if I color my hearts pink?

This isn't finished. I still need to add a border and play with the colors and the quilting. But I do have a design I can make a quilt from.

This reminds me of old fashioned cross stitching. It also reminds me of computer pixels.

Now it's your turn. Try designing something special for Valentine's Day. It doesn't have to be hearts; and you don't have to use Nine Patch blocks. But whatever you design, email me a picture ( and I'll post it on my blog.

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