Monday, January 17, 2011

A Patchwork Alphabet

For Patchwork Quilters
Part 2

Today I'm going to continue on with the Patchwork alphabet I started showing you Saturday.

Like a patchwork quilt that is made from square blocks, the letters of this alphabet are made from square units. All lettters are 6 squares high and most of them are 3 squares wide. The squares can be plain squares, half squares, half-square triangles, and quarter-square triangles.

The following letters and numbers are made using squares and half-square triangles

These letters and numbers are made using squares, half squares, and half-square triangles.

The half-square triangles are used 2 ways in these letters.

First, they are used to indicate roundness in letters such as P, C and O.

Second, they are used to make diagonal lines in letters such as N, K and Z.

In letters such as S, where there are long diagonal lines, care must be taken to see that the diagonal seams match.

Of all these letters, my least favorite is the Z. It works; it's readable; and it's compatible with the other letters. But it isn't conventional; it's not what I expect a Z to look like. Still, I can't think of a better way to do it, given the patchwork constraints. Perhaps you can.

To be continued...

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