Thursday, January 20, 2011

What Inspires you

To Start A Quilt?

Angie Padilla did an interesting 3-part post on how she got started quilting.

It got me thinking. Not about how I started quilting, but about what motivates me to start a new quilt. There are times when quilting is the furthest thing from my mind, then something happens to motivate me to turn on my machine and quilt. What are the things that inspire me to start yet another quilt?

I decided to answer that question and post it in my blog on Tuesday 1 February 2011.

I am inviting you to write about what inspires you and then to post it in your blog on the same day as mine. Email me to let me know ( and I will link to your blog. That way we can all share our inspirations.


  1. I've already written my story and it too was in three parts. You can find them in a button up top under favorite posts.

    But as to what inspires me to start a new quilt. I'll have to think on that a bit. So many things inspire me. I will try to post about it on the first and link up.

  2. Perhaps a specific fabric, a technique that I want to try, I need a quilt for a specific occasion, I want to try a different color combination, somebody set up a challenge, my scrap pile is huge. . .I guess it doesn't take much for me to start a new quilt!!!!

  3. Hillbilly

    I'm looking forward to seeing your post on February first.

  4. Terry

    It seems to me that any reason to start a new quilt is a good one.