Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Offset Block #2

What Can You Do

With Nine Patch Blocks

If You Offset Them?

For one thing you can make a circle.

If the Nine Patch units are 3" x 3", finished size, then this is an 11" x 11" block.

If the Nine Patch units are 9" x 9", finished size, then this is a 33" x 33" table topper.

It's time to make some changes and go exploring. I'll start by getting rid of the black and adding some color.

What if I color each Nine Patch a different color but in sequence from magenta to dusty blue?

Now what?

What if I combine 9 circles reflected so that like colors are touching?

I get some interesting negative shapes and the circles disappear.

What if I change the background to black?

The colors are richer.

I've only just started, there is a lot more I could do, but I'm going to stop here because the title of this blog is "What can you do?" I want to see what you can do. What would you try next? What would you change? Do you have a better idea for using offset Nine Patch  blocks than making circles?

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To see more offset Nine Patch block designs go to my 3 January 2011 post - Start With Something Simple.

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