Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Offset Block #6

Where Did This Come From?

The sketch on the right of a double swirl made from Nine Patch blocks was sent to me by Linda and I posted it on Saturday 8 January 2011.

It inspired me. I started playing with the double swirl to see what sort of designs I could create. I loved the results I was getting but after a few designs I wondered what if I change the swirl?

What if I start with the top swirl?

What if I repeat it but at the same time rotate it 180 degrees?

What if I then add the 2 parts together?

I have a new double swirl that's smaller and not as vertical.

What if I combine 8 of the new double swirl so that half of them are mirror-image?

If each of the Nine Patch blocks is 3" x 3", then this is a 34" x 34" table topper.

Linda's sketch inspired me to create something new. What about you? What happens when you play with this idea?

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