Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Playing with Blocks

Card Trick

I am going to start with this Card Trick block and try changing it.

What if I use 9 of them to make a quilt top?

I like the block, but just repeating 9 of them doesn't do much for me.

What if I fill the triangular space on all four sides with a light green?

Now my quilt top looks like this and the blocks interconnect.

The center block connects on all four sides and so appears to have arms that radiate out at a 45 degree angle.

What if all the blocks were like the center block and had radiating arms?

This is better.  It's livelier. It may be a stretch; but it makes me think of a chorus line with arms linked and legs kicking up.

I'm happy with this.


  1. I have always loved the Card Trick design. So many variations. Also works well with scraps. Your layouts look great.


  2. SewCalGal

    Thanks for pointing out the possibility of using up scraps with card trick blocks.

    It's not just Card Trick, every block has many variations. And it's fun to go looking for them.