Friday, December 25, 2009

Playing with Piecing

Canada Goose  (See also: 21 December 2009)

I started to make this pattern for piecing a Canada Goose.  But I stopped at this point because it didn't feel right.
I now know what's wrong.  One of the wings is a narrow pointy triangle.  I over simplified it and took all of the curve out of it. It looks skinny, stiff and unnatural. 
What if I make the wing a little wider and put some bend back in?
This is looking better. I need to show some fabric color and add the applique foot to know if I like what I've got.
I think it's easier now to believe that this bird can fly.
If I wanted to use this as part of a larger work, this would be fine.
If, however, this is the center of attention, it needs to be a little more detailed.  Some of that detail could be achieved by thread painting.

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