Sunday, December 27, 2009

Playing with Borders

Oh Susannah Quilt  (See also: 26 December 2009)

This quilt motif was designed using an Oh Susannah block that has been combined with other blocks. 

I need to find it a border.

What if I connect the dark green squares by going around the corners?

This is a good start.

What if I repeat the center diamond of the Oh Susannah block, placing it in the gaps?  Then I can finish the design by adding a red border.

I am happy with this but I want to try one more thing.

What if I repeat some of the center design in the corners?

I am happy with this too.


  1. Wayne,

    I like everything about this one. The centre panel is great on its own, but the WOW factor really kicks in when the border is added.

    As I have been having a second look through all the posts, I have realised just how much I think pretty much every design needs to be finished with a border.

    Judy B

  2. Judy

    It's amazing what a difference a border can make to a quilt.

    Too often borders get neglected in the rush to finish a quilt. It's worth the extra time and effort to see that a quilt gets the right border.

  3. Wayne... love this block.... How would it look if placed on a point as a medallion?
    My name is Susana and this would be a perfect quilt for me!!... Love your blog...

  4. Susana

    I think this would work very well on point as a medallion quilt. If you want to try it, e-mail me a picture; I would love to see the results.