Friday, December 18, 2009

Playing with Borders

Oh Susannah Quilt  (See also: 17 December 2009)

This quilt motif was designed using an Oh Susannah block.
It needs a border.

What if I join the ends of the brown "strings" and then fill the gaps with the light yellow?

This completes the motif but it doesn't have a border yet.

What if I add three plain borders, one to match each of the browns?

I like the way this looks.


  1. Wow! When placed together this way, the darker lines look like waves.

    For some reason I would like to see this design mixed with spirals (my favorite design element).

    Keep going with those Susannah blocks!


  2. Leah

    Spirals sounds good. How would you use them? As fillers or as design elements? If you start them on the dark diamonds and spiral out it would emphasize the nature of the Oh Susannah block.

    On the other hand, if you see waves, why not quilt waves?

    Perhaps combine the two and the spirals become eddies.

  3. I just found your blog on Quilting Bloggers. I agree with you that designing your own quilts makes it so much more fun and rewarding. I love this Oh Susannah coloring. The visual illusion of the bulging lines is really cool. I'm adding you to my reading list!

  4. Janet

    I'm glad you find designing rewarding. I think more quilters would start designing if they knew how rewarding it really is.

    I think the illusion of bulging lines is cool too. It's interesting how your eye sees curves even though you know there are only straight lines.

  5. The border treatment really works well!

    In reply to your last reply ....... I think more people would design their own projects if they had not been told they were doing something wrong at some time in their life, usually at school.

    I still have a little voice telling me I can't draw! My answer now is 'I can design though.'

    Judy B

  6. This is a very simple border and sometimes a simple border is all a quilt needs. But not always. The trick is to find a border that goes well with the quilt.

    Another trick is to have fun at whatever you're doing whether it's drawing, designing, quilting, or anything else.