Friday, February 25, 2011

From My Alberta Series

Airdrie / Iron Horse Park

If you've been following my blog lately, you may have the impression that all I ever do is alter traditional blocks to create new designs. I thought you might like to see an original block. The quilt design above is from my Alberta Series of quilts and uses my Airdrie block.

As blocks go Airdrie's not much to look at. Designed on a simple 3x3 grid, it's not hard to sew - three strip units are sewn separately and then assembled.

When 4  Airdrie blocks are rotated, joined and then colored as shown, the result is this new larger Airdrie block.

This design was made using 12 of the larger Airdrie block shown above and another 12 of the same block reversed to create a mirror image.

The result is a kind of weave that occurs on different levels.

There are, however, a lot of loose ends that could be tied up.
So I tied them up by pairing up ends of the same colors. The ends in the corners are some distance from their nearest partners.
But I decided they could be joined together anyway.

Tomorrow I'll show you another design using the Aidrie block but colored differently.

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