Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You Can Design Wonky

Part 2

Change the grid on an existing block and you create a wonky version of it. It's easy and it's fun to do. Here's what happens when you try it with Corn And Beans.

Corn And Beans is designed on a 6x6 grid.

This is the simplest of many ways to color it.

What if the grid is narrower at the edges and wider in the middle?

What if the grid is wider at the edges and narrower in the middle?

A good way to assess a block is to repeat it to see what kind of result you get. Let's try that with the three versions of Corn And Beans.

This is the original Corn And Beans block repeated 4 times.

This is the first wonky version repeated 4 times.
This is the second wonky version repeated 4 times.

All of these designs could be successfully used to make quilts. They would, however, be more interesting, in my opinion, if they were a bit more colorful.

What if the second wonky version were colored like this?
Then it would look like this when it is repeated 4 times.

It's amazing what a color change will do.

It's also amazing what changing the grid dimensions on a block will do. You should try it sometime.