Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Offset Block #9

What Happens When You Offset

Shoo Fly Blocks?

Part 3

Take a simple blocks like Shoo Fly and, instead of lining it up in rows and columns, offset it. Suddenly wonderful things start to happen.

What if Shoo Fly blocks are arranged to make this diamond shape?

If the Shoo Fly blocks are 6" x 6", then this is 42" x 20". I would like something a little more compact.

This diamond is 30" x 18".  It could be used in a bed quilt.
What if it is repeated in 2 different colors?

This makes a pleasant pattern. I think it could use more variety in the choice of colors. Using scraps would accomplish that.

What if the diamond is used as the center of a series of diamonds?

The pattern is simple enough. And the negative shapes are quite interesting.

If you are wondering if these quilts might be tricky to sew, I have good news. None of the blocks are offset horizontally. As a result, the quilts can easily be divided into vertical columns.

Using blocks offset, instead of in rows and columns all the time, opens up a whole new series of design opportunities. These are opportunities you could take advantage of.

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