Friday, February 18, 2011

Try Experimenting

With Block Size           Part 2

Not all the blocks in a quilt have to be the same size. If you want to design something that is uniquely yours, why not take a simple block, make it in different sizes and see what happens when you combine them? 

I should know the name of this block, but I've forgotten. Can anybody remind me?

In any case, let's try combining it in 3 different sizes.

What if they are simply lined up like this?

There's no question about this being easy to sew. However, I think it could be a bit more interesting.
What if the colors are changed?

The result is a series of columns of different widths.
What if the columns are different lengths as well?

This has more drama and it's still easy to sew.

I am happy with this result. It's unique and it was easy to design.

Why don't you try playing with blocks of different sizes? If you do, you'll have a special quilt of your own.

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