Saturday, November 10, 2012

Four Patch Block #1


This quilt design is from a four patch block I designed. I've named it Fernie.
This is the block broken down into the 4x4 grid it was designed on.

These are the squares you need to be able to sew to make the block.
What if Fernie is also made in a mirror image version?

Then this quilt results.

Four patch blocks are easy to design and fun to play with. I'll try another one tomorrow.


  1. Stunning block. And you have also created this using my favorite color combination too. I've always loved purple and blue together. I LOVE this because my favorite color is that shade of purple you've used for the border. I'm not experienced enough to make this one though based on your post. It's an awesome looking quilt though.

  2. I love playing with blocks and creating new designs by moving them around, really beautiful designs.


  3. Viki T

    I expect that you are experienced enough to make this block.

    The individual squares can be made easily enough by paper piecing them. To see how go to the column on the right and click on half-rectangle triangles.

    After that it's just a matter of sewing the squares together to make the block.

  4. Debbie

    Playing with blocks to create new designs is easy and fun. It's too bad that so many quilters are afraid to even try.

  5. Both of these designs are simply gorgeous. I love how you take an idea and start playing around with it.