Sunday, November 25, 2012

To Be Continued..... Part 5

I wish I had picked different colors for this quilt. I tried to go through the color spectrum from green through blue to purple as I advanced through the alphabet. It seemed like a good idea but it didn't work. I should have picked a couple of blues to go with the yellow background and left it at that. Then the quilt would have had greater unity.

Don't misunderstand me. I might use these colors again on another quilt. The colors do go together. It's just that they didn't work with this quilt.

This U is from my alphabet Braeside.

Well actually, it is and it isn't. It's an adaptation of Braeside. When I sewed this quilt I was not confident in my ability to make my points touch. So I deliberately left gaps. If I were sewing this today there would be no gaps, which is how Braeside was originally designed.

To see more of Braeside go to
2 August 2010.

This V is from my alphabet Rosewood.

Rosewood was designed as an alphabet to be used in an on point quilt. It wasn't used that way in this quilt. But this explains why the top corners of the V have been cut off; the V is meant to be inside a diamond shaped block.

For more on Rosewood go to
3 May 2010, 4 May 2010, and
7 May 2010.

This W is from my alphabet Whitehorn.

My inspiration for this alphabet was sheet metal. I was trying to make an alphabet that looked like it was made by bending metal sheets

To get a better idea of what Whitehorn looks like go to
13 September 2010.

This X is from my alphabet Mount Royal.

This alphabet mimics Old English.

For more about Mount Royal go to
29 March 2010

This Y is from my alphabet Altadore.

Altadore is a simplified shadow alphabet. The shadow is not cast up or down but directly to the right. Also the shadow fills the entire space in the center of the Y. All of which makes for easier piecing.

To see more of Altadore go to
27 December 2010.

To be continued.....

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